Nottingham’s Big Wheel is back!

wheelThe 60 metre high wheel of Nottingham is returning at the end of January after an absence of four years. It’s hoped it will spark an increase of tourism and business.

The Wheel of Nottingham will be returning to Old Market Square on Saturday 31st January.

The 60-meter high attraction, which visited the city 3 years in a row,  will be returning after the owner decided not to bring it back following its last year in 2011.

Mellors Group director James Mellors says rising costs and a decline in visitor numbers led to the decision not to bring it back in 2012.

Its arrival will be appreciated by many shop owners and businesses around the market square as it will hopefully bring more business and tourism into the city.

Neil Beardsly, deputy manager of Nottingham Tourism centre gives his thoughts.

Sam Skinner-Watts, assistant manager at Delilah Fine Foods on Victoria Street said, “Anything that attracts more people into the city centre is always a good thing for independent businesses.

“The wheel has always looked nice and attracted a few people – it gives Nottingham a unique selling point in the East Midlands.” – Sam Skinner-Watts.

The Wheel first appeared in Nottingham in February 2008 and was nicknamed the Nottingham Eye, until the London Eye threatened legal action.

Image courtesy: Wikimedia. Author: Matt Buck. Licensed under the Creative Commons. Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

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