Dry January; a campaign set to sober the nation

glasses-341552_640Dry January begins as 2014 comes to an end. A campaign run by Alcohol Concern challenges all to give up alcohol for an entire month.

As the New Year rolls in, Dry January Begins.

Alcohol Concern is a small national charity supported by Public Health England. The charity is hosting Dry January which is available to all across the nation. The optional scheme aims to give people the chance to recover after a heavy period of drinking which often occurs during the annual celebrations of Christmas and New Year.

The Charity’s members do not wish participation in the campaign to force people into going cold turkey. Participants who do not wish to give up alcohol altogether, but instead wish to cut down, can opt to buy their usual alcoholic beverages from local business, rather than cheaper chain supermarkets, or instead donate to charity to show their support for the campaign.

The campaigners also wish to help local business thrive in a time they may otherwise not see much business. It urges people to get to their local pub rather than spend money on big night’s out binge drinking in clubs.

The campaign was set up to promote the idea of reducing the harmful effects alcohol has on families and communities and has begun sweeping the nation this year.

A student from Nottingham Trent University has decided to participate in Dry January after realising how much she drank over the festive period:

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