A healthier option than your average Nottingham takeaway

Kung-pao-shanghai-wordpressSome Nottingham takeaway restaurants are introducing healthier choices to their menu. It aims to tackle obesity throughout the county.

Take away businesses across Nottingham are introducing healthier choices to their menus. Healthier Options Take away, HOT, is a scheme to encourage healthier eating in the area. The new project hopes to hopes tackle obesity throughout the county for example, by offering grilled food instead of fried or reducing the amount of salt in recipes.

Businesses that meet the criteria will be able to display the HOT branding in their store as well as being added to an online database on the Nottinghamshire County Councils website.

Takeaways will be scored on how well they sell and promote healthier alternatives and businesses are being asked to make three pledges as to hoe they are going to help contribute towards a healthier Nottingham.

Go to www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/hot to find out which restaurants are getting involved.

Image Courtesy of: Wikimedia. Author: Steven G. Johnson.  Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.

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