Nottingham becomes one of first cities in UK to recycle coffee capsules

coffeeCoffee lovers in Nottingham will now be able to turn their used capsules into art thanks to a recycling scheme organised by a local charity, Playworks.

The outer foil packaging known as T-Discs from Tassimo coffee machines are being recycled to raise funds to help children’s projects across the city.

Coffee Recycling Bin

Coffee Recycling Bin

Known for its Scrapstore facility which turns waste into art materials, Playworks will also be recycling the capsules into park benches, watering cans and waste bins, that would otherwise be lost to landfill.

Phil Evans, training coordinator for Playworks tells us more;

In a partnership with the green recycling firm Terracycle, Tassimo have set up ‘The Tassimo Brigade’. This scheme gives used products a second life by turning them into more eco-friendly products.

Although last year people in the UK recycled more household waste than what was sent to landfill, Playworks believes that more could always be done.

With figures showing that coffee machine sales are on the rise after growing 52.5 per cent between 2013 and 2014, it is hoped that coffee drinkers in Nottingham will donate their used capsules to the collection centre.

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