Nottingham aims to become ‘City Of Literature’

pic of nottNottingham celebrates its literary past by becoming a United Nations City Of Literature. Writers, experts and City Council came together to submit an application.


Known for its enviable literary heritage, Nottingham is home to many celebrated authors. Lord Byron, DH Lawrence and Alan Sillitoe are just a few of the many who contribute to the city’s vibrant and contemporary scene.

Organisers say the title, which has been given to a handful of other cities across the globe, aims to boost the local economy by bringing in tourists, attracting students and getting children interested in literacy.

Pippa Hennessey, Project Director for the bid, talks about how Nottingham will benefit from the title;

The city is vying for the title alongside Seattle in the USA and will place the official bid in March – with a decision expected in November 2015. In collaboration with both universities, the City Council and Nottingham Writer’s Studio, the bid has a lot of support behind it.

‘We have to put ourselves out there, we can’t just wait for the world to beat a path to our door, but I think we have a jolly good chance’  (Cllr Cat Arnold, Nottingham Tourism & Services)

Latest available figures from the City Council show that just over half of 16-64 year olds in city households have equivalent to GCSE grade A-C or higher – four per cent lower than the average across England.

The team backing the bid hopes that the City Of Literature title will improve these rates and have a dramatic effect on education, and consequentially, future employment.


D.H Lawrence

D.H Lawrence

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