Potholes receive Nottinghamshire’s attention

CBJ Video Project RENAME.00_00_32_06.Still001Around £90m will be given to Nottingham’s councils to repair potholes around the area as highlighted by a series of freedom of information requests.

A report by the Department for Transport issued this week has declared that it will be spending £6 billion across the country to fill 18 million potholes.

Nottingham City Council will receive £11.6 million in funding and Nottinghamshire County Council is set to benefit from £77.9 million for repairs.

A series of Freedom of Information requests to local councils  highlighted a possible £100 million cost to repair the damage across the country.

Transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin said “Roads play a significant part in everyday life. Poorly maintained local roads, blighted by potholes, are a menace to all road users.”

A spokesperson for the Local Government Association, which represents the councils, said “There is still a very long way to go to bring the nation’s roads up to scratch.

“Recent harsh winters and decades of underfunding by successive governments have created a national backlog of road repairs that would take £12 billion and a decade for councils to fix.

“The government can tackle this ever growing national repair bill by injecting an extra £1 billion a year into roads maintenance, funded by investing two pence a litre from existing fuel duty. the vast majority of people agree that a small amount of the billions they pay the Treasury each year at the pumps in fuel duty should be reinvested in local areas to bring our decaying roads up to scratch.”

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