Nottinghamshire’s fight against obesity

NEW SCALESNottinghamshire County Council is providing help for people who are struggling with their weight. They will be encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

With 166,000 adults and 20,000 children classed as ‘obese’ in the county, the council is taking a more proactive approach to tackling the issue of obesity.

The services, which will be available from April 2015, will encourage people to eat healthier foods and to exercise more.

The scheme will cost approximately £5.5 million over the next 4 years, and will be delivered by Sports and Leisure Management Ltd.

It will encourage:

  • Healthy eating and physical activity,
  • Support in the community to encourage people to achieve lifestyle changes and manage their weight,
  • Professional help to provide a full assessment, manage lifestyle choices and to offer any further treatment options.

Councillor Joyce Bosnjak, Chairwoman for the Public Health Committee, says:

“This is an important step in helping us tackle the vital issue for the health of Nottinghamshire.”

She also hopes that by

“…achieving a healthier weight, we can prevent them from needing that support.”

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