Nottingham’s Black Friday: Bargain or Burden?

viccentre2Today has started the countdown for Christmas as many people have used the Black Friday sales to get started on their Christmas shopping.

Stores like John Lewis, Asda, Tesco and HMV, will be offering customers discounted products. Bruce Peat who works at HMV said that he “expects it [the store] will get busy, and customers will be able to pick up a bargain here and there, and leave happy!”

Keeping Order

However, the ominous presence of the police walking up and down the high street doesn’t let the mind wander too far from the thought of the riots and arrests in places like Manchester. It raises the question: could things get that out of control in Nottingham?

christmas market

However, there have been no signs of a frenzy yet, and the Black Friday sales have actually helped smaller businesses in the surrounding area as customers are drawn in whilst doing their discount shopping. Craig Price who holds a stall at the Christmas Market in Old Market Square, said that his stalls had been much busier compared to yesterday, and he expects it is dues to the slashing of store prices.

The bargain hunt has started today, and will end on December 1st: after that it’s back to full price for all of your Christmas shopping.

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