Nottingham Women’s Centre launches a feminist library

image2 - CopyNottingham Women’s Centre has opened a new feminist library boasting a large range of books surrounding feminist topics, and a new take on a national newspaper.

.A feminist
A feminist library has opened at Nottingham Women’s Centre with ‘women’s activism’ being the main theme of the launch. The library will make books accessible to all women in Nottingham.

No More Page 3 Campaigner, Lisa Clarke was at the launch to create a mock tabloid newspaper, ‘The UnSUNg’ which was made as a paper that celebrates issues surrounding women, including women’s achievements and sport.

Guests brought along ‘real’ news stories about women to contribute to the piece. It included both published and overlooked stories ranging from local Nottinghamshire news to international news surrounding women.

Women in the spotlight

Lisa Clarke feels times are changing, however more needs to be done.

“We are seeing far more female role models out there and we’re seeing women like Caroline Lucas winning MP of the year, but we’ve still got such a low representation in positions of power.”


The No More Page 3 petition has over 212,000 signatures so far and the group take part in campains against prejudicing women in the media. Details and information can be found on their website:

No More Page 3 campaign primarily to have page 3 removed from The Sun newspaper, however, they campaign as a whole for fairer and wider coverage of women in the news. Lisa feels women’s sport lacks publishing and support in the media.

“About 95% of the sports  coverage that we see across our media in the UK is of men’s sport, women’s sport overall only gets about 5% of the coverage.”

Nottingham Forest Ladies Football Club are sponsored by No More Page 3, one of their players Jennifer Foster was at the launch and feels women’s sport does not receive enough coverage in the media.

The BBC have recently received the rights to broadcast the Women’s World Cup in 2015 and Jennifer hopes that this will encourage more news stories about women’s sport to be published.

“Women’s sport is massively underrepresented in the media, for example, women’s football gets far less coverage than the men, however things are starting to move forward.”

Volunteers at Nottingham Women’s Centre and No More Page 3 encourage people to support women’s sport in any way, including watching matches and personally getting involved. Nottingham Forest Ladies play in the Women’s Premier League, a fixture list can be found on their website: 

 Nottingham Women’s Centre hopes that the library will encourage more women to read books and support women’s activist campaigns such as No More Page 3. The Women’s Centre was the first place in Nottingham where women could get advice, information and support relating to their rights. Information about the centre and their events can be found on their website:


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