Woman brings Nottingham trams to a standstill with parked car

10815230_856036044418806_1187974505_oTrams came to a standstill for 20 minutes after a car illegally parked on the tram lines at Goldsmith Street outside Nottingham Trent University.

. Crowds gathered along with Nottingham Express Transport officers onto the street eager to see who owned the red mini causing all the trouble.
Mini - 1 After several minutes and a failed attempt by Nottingham Express Transport officer to move the car off the tram lines members of the crowd took the matter into their own hands.
Mini - 2 With two trams stuck outside the university and passengers waiting the group of men decided to push the car onto the pavement just as a Nottingham Express Transport tow truck arrived, breaking part of the mini in the process.

10743610_856035854418825_445492355_n It was then the owner finally returned and was issued with a parking ticket. The crowd cheered as she drove away allowing the trams to get back to normal.

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