Teenager offers his kidney to Nottingham stranger

SurgeryA teenager from West Bridgford has contacted the Nottingham Post offering to donate his kidney to man who has been waiting 13 years for a transplant.

Kieran Meht, 33, was diagnosed with renal failure when he was four and has already had two failed transplants – including one from his mother.

Renal failure is a condition where the kidneys fail to extract waste product from blood.

The best match for Kieran would be someone from the Asian community.

Riz Iqbal, 19, of Malvern Road, West Bridgford, contacted the Nottingham Post after reading about Kieran’s difficulties.

The teenager, who works as a call centre agent for Domestic and General, is one of 11 people who have contacted the Post since the newspaper launched its appeal for a kidney donor.

Kieran requires a well-matched donor due to antibodies he has developed from his previous failed transplants.


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