Three of UK’s worst speeding areas revealed to be in Nottingham

New figures published this week have revealed Nottingham has three of the UK’s worst postcodes in the country for drivers breaking the speed limit.


The postcodes NG5, NG16 and NG17 have all been named as areas with the worst number of drivers receiving fixed penalties for speeding.

Findings released by road safety charity, Brake, have revealed 4,239 drivers were caught speeding last year inside the areas which include Sutton and Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Eastwood, Sherwood and Mapperley.

Brake, along with other road safety charities, are urging drivers to slow down, but driving groups say the rules are too harsh and want speed limits to be re-examined.

Hugh Bladon from the Alliance of British Drivers claims drivers travelling just a few miles an hour over the speed limit are not dangerous.

With national Road Safety Week starting on Monday, Brake is using the occasion to launch its ‘look out for each other’ campaign.

The project, supported by Nottinghamshire Police, is aiming to help stop the five deaths that happen daily on roads across the UK.

Urging all road users to look out for each other, the campaign wants drivers to look to protecting children and adults on foot and bike.

Brake wants drivers to do so by following their advice of slowing down to 20mph in communities, taking it slow at junctions and bends, looking for longer and giving people plenty of consideration.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive of Brake, said: “When drivers use roads without care for others the consequences can be tragic and horrific because of a moment of impatience or selfishness.

“We’re asking all road users to look out for and protect each other.”

Nottingham postcode NG5 made second place on the list of the top 10 postcodes where drivers have committed speeding offences, with NG16 and NG17 following at seventh and tenth place on the list of shame.

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