Comet lander Philae makes history as the first space shuttle to land on a comet

Comet lander Philae made touch down this week after the European Space Agency’s latest space adventure – involving a comet – was a success.

The 7 year space mission, which cost over $1 billion, was one of the most technical episodes to date. The Rosetta spacecraft, which homed the lander module for most of its life, has had to fly around the Earth and Mars several times, before gaining the correct trajectory to land on the 41,000 mile per hour comet.

But as space exploration becomes more and more current, and more and more ambitious, it leaves people with wondering ‘what’s next?’. Bradley Pulham, an aspiring physics student at Nottingham Trent University, gives his view on the matter;

Ideally I believe that the next area of research should go into dark energy, which makes up 75% of our universe

Bradley also mentioned how the advantages in technology could mean that the future if space exploration could be very exciting: “We know have technology that ten years ago would have made it impossible to land on a comet”

So what will we next discover? As the batteries quickly drain on the comet lander’s batteries, only time will really tell.

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