Dental Patients in Nottinghamshire being tested for HIV and Hepatitis.

Over four hundred patients are being tested for HIV and Hepatitis after it was discovered a dentist at the Daybrook dental practice was breaching safety standards.


Nottinghamshire dentist Desmond D’Mello was suspended after it came to light he was putting patients at risk by not washing his hands or sterilising instruments between patients.

22,000 patients who have been seen by D’Mello over his 32 year career span have been told to take blood tests to look for infections such as the HIV virus or Hepatitis.

Doug Black, the medical director for NHS England in Nottinghamshire said it is the “largest recall in NHS history.”

Health officials say the risk is low but advised patients to get checked at the Highcroft Medical Centre so they can keep track of the results.

The testing comes after the death of Leeds University Graduate, Amy Duffield, who died ten days after being treated at Daybrook Practice in August 2013.

The Care Quality Commission inspected the Practice in July and said it met the required standards under new management.

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