Action plan drawn up to make Hyson Green ‘nice and clean’

NEAT_1An initiative has been launched by a number of local bodies in Nottingham in an attempt to make Hyson Green ‘nice and clean’.

The plan aims to help tackle community issues in the area and will be executed by the group, which includes Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire Police, along with residents.

There will be a month of action in the area which will see a variety of projects, including a deep clean on the streets, a series of new locks being placed on commercial waste bins and residents being educated on waste disposal.

The target area has been identified as Bentinck Road, Alfreton Road, Gregory Boulevard, and Radford Road.

Councillor Nicola Heaton, Portfolio Holder for Community Services at Nottingham City Council, said that the high turnover of residents in Hyson Green means there can be particular issues surrounding the disposal of waste and lack of community pride.

She added:

“The action plan has been designed to help tackle a number of long standing issues in the area, over a 4 week period.

“Local residents have been identified as community champions who have agreed to be responsible for a street and liaise with their neighbours to ensure the out comes of the plan are sustainable.”

These different authorities will support the on-going work of the Hyson Green Neighbourhood Action Team.

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