1,000 Nottinghamshire schoolchildren get free breakfasts

Care-for-KidsA Nottingham charity has reached its goal of serving 1,000 breakfasts every day to schoolchildren who have parents that are struggling financially.

Care for Kids work with schools and Nottingham City Council to provide the meals, with Dovecoat Primary School one of the establishments to benefit.

Between 30 to 40 children use the service at the Clifton school each day with a range of cereals and toast on offer before they play games.

And Head Teacher Andy Jenkins says the initiative is a success throughout Nottingham and is just what the area needs.

“The scheme doesn’t just offer a breakfast but also social activity and the chance f0r children to start the day in a warm and comfortable environment,” he said.

“It has been really well received and there are a wide range of children who get dropped off here, whether their parents have to go to work or have positions in the school and use the group as their childcare before the day begins.”

“It is called happy toast because you go to lessons with a smile on your face.”

The charity does great work across the county but has no employees and fundraising is a must if they are to continue doing the work they do.

And Andy knows how important funds are and hopes that Care for Kids can be around at his school for years to come.

“The offer to join the scheme was made to use a few years ago and we realised it was something that would meet the needs of the community,” he said.

“For our school it is a vital part of the provision we offer families and we hope they can continue the good work they do for years to come.”

“People can get involved any way they want such as raising money through activities.”

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