Nottinghamshire Police website hacked by group claiming to be the “voice of Palestine”

notts-policeThe Nottinghamshire Police website has been hacked by a Pro-Palestine group AnonGhost who claim to be the “voice of Palestine”.

The website was taken over at about 2:30pm on Friday 7 November by a message on the home page displaying a skull with the words “Khilafah will transform the world this afternoon” (pictured below)


The site claimed to be hacked by a group calling itself AnonGhost using the twitter handle @An0nGh)st.

Messages underneath said: “Hello United Kindoom Police. Where is the security?

“We are here to punish you since you have been supporting Israel.

“Because we are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent. Muslims are everywhere we will enter Palestine soon 🙂 remember this 😀

At the time of publication the police website is still down.

The hacking group has hacked over 500 websites across the world since it’s inception.

The Nottinghamshire Police Twitter account issued a tweet saying: “We have currently taken our website down and are currently working to get it back online”.

Updates to follow.

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