New figures show Nottingham is jobless captial of UK

Job-centre-signThirty per cent of families in Nottingham are jobless making it the worst city in the UK for levels of employment according to new figures.

The figures released by the National Office of Statistics released on November 6 show that this is the first time the city has topped the charts, the figure of unemployed people rising from 26.4% to 30.1%.

The large student population in Nottingham has made and that if student households are excluded from the figures Nottingham is third worst with 27.3% out of work.

A spokesperson for the Derbyshire and Nottingham Chamber of Commerce said: “We are shocked by these figures – all the information we have gathered this year shows that the job market is healthy in Nottingham.

“The student population has clearly skewed these figures but it’s important to remember that whilst students may not be employed or pay council tax, they bring a massive financial benefit to Nottingham.”

The news comes as the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, Minister for Cities, Universities and Skills,  signed a “Growth Deal” yesterday investing £550 million pounds to help create thousands of jobs in Nottingham.

He said: “The potential for growth in Nottinghamshire is enormous, and the deal I am signing today will be an important part for making sure people realise that potential.

The money has been invested in the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership which has outlined a plan to create 55,000 private sector jobs by 2023.

Peter Richardson, Chairman of D2N2 said:

“Local places know their areas best and the growth deal today marks a change in the way Government works with local areas.

“This Growth Deal with Government will provide a pathway to sustainable economic growth across the D2N2 area over the next ten years.”

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