Emmanuel House launches annual Cup of Kindness initiative

Cup-of-KindnessNottinghamshire’s Emmanuel House has started its annual Cup of Kindness scheme in a bid to match the £40,000 raised in the past two winters to help the homeless.

The scheme encourages people to donate £1- roughly the equivalent of a cup of tea- whenever they go to a Christmas party.

With winter on the way, figures from the charity reveal that ten people are sleeping on the streets in the county every night.

Next week will see Emmanuel House open its winter shelter which helped protect over 150 people from the cold last year, something CEO Ruth Shelton knows is crucial at this time of year.

“The Cup of Kindness is our annual appeal for the generous support we have had over the past couple of years.”

“We believe that the initiative encapsulates the generosity that characterises what we do at Emmanuel House.

“When winter strikes and the cold weather returns everything in life feels that much harder such as going to work or picking children up from school.

“For people who don’t even have their own home to heat, you can just start to imagine that those difficulties in cold weather are magnified.”

The steps beyond finding a warm bed for the night are also key to the service that Emmanuel House provide.

The charity say that 70% of their service users are now on a pathway to support meaning they are on their way to achieving stability.

“We slept rough near a shop but when it opened in the morning we had to move on.”







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