Nottingham Country Council to shrink wheelie bins in a bid to save money

bin2Wheelie bins will be getting smaller to encourage people to recycle as part of Nottinghamshire county council’s proposals to save money.

The smaller bins are one of 58 proposals by the labour controlled council who have to make savings of 77 million this year.

It is hoped that downsizing from the 240 litre bins to the 180 litre bins will encourage more recycling saving 1.5 million in landfill tax a year.

The council say the cost of the new bins will be 6 million but will pay for themselves in four years.

Joyce Bosnjac, deputy leader of Nottinghamshire County Council said:

“We have been looking at where saving can be made. The last thing we want to do is cut services.”

“Its one of several ideas we are looking at. The idea behind it is that if you have smaller bins you think more about what you put in them bins.”

However mum of five Nadia Bhatti  thinks it would be a bad idea to have smaller bins.

She said: “There is so many children in our house we struggle every week and even though we recycle every week our bins are overflowing.”

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