Notts sperm donors are low but Birmingham are flying high

qmc new front page story 1As National Fertility Week draws to a close Nottingham’s lack of sperm donors is causing concern but a new clinic in Birmingham offers hope.

In Nottingham and across the country there has been a significant lack of sperm donors in recent years, making it much harder for couples hoping to conceive using IVF treatment.

Despite the lowering numbers of sperm donors, the NHS has opened the UK’s first sperm bank to help single women, gay couples and those left infertile by cancer treatment to conceive. The centre at Birmingham’s Women’s Hospital has opened this week to both NHS and private patients. The centre will charge £300-£400 per sample although some local authorities will fund it.

Following an appeal from Nottingham’s CARE fertility clinic earlier this week, clinics in the city have been inundated with calls from potential donors.

Dawn Littlehales Consultant of Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust said:

“Nowadays one in six couples experience infertility problems.  Male infertility has a significant impact, with many infertile men producing poor quality sperm or in some instances no sperm at all.  Donor sperm plays a critical role.

“The UK has a lack of donors, and patients may either import donor sperm from another country, or use fresh sperm from an unchecked source.  To help our patients and prevent any risks, the Fertility Unit only recruits local sperm donors who are fully screened for infections.  This is why it is so important for local donors to come forward.”

Sperm donors should be aged between 18 and 41 years old and as a donor you can receive compensation of up to £35 per clinic visit. Sperm banks check a donor’s background and medical history, habits, physical characteristics, and family history. For more information contact CARE Fertility on 0115 852 8100 or Nottingham’s QMC fertility clinic on 0115 9709238.

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