Controlled explosion carried out after grenade found in Sneinton

IMG_1628[3]A bomb disposal unit was forced to carry out a controlled explosion after a live WW2 grenade was found in a Nottingham suburb.

Bomb disposal experts from the Army were called to St Stephen’s Road in Sneinton on Wednesday, October 29 after two caretakers made the explosive discovery as they were cleaning out a garage.

The two men, who were working for house management firm Nottingham City Homes, were driving away from the garage on Camden Close when they realised the nature of their cargo.

They immediately pulled over on St Stephen’s Road where they left their vehicle and made the 999 call to Nottinghamshire Police. Notts-TV-Template-4

Officers then called in the bomb disposal experts who took the live device to a nearby wasteland and destroyed it in a controlled explosion that could be heard across the city.

Adam Brown, who lives on St Stephen’s Road, was an eye witness at the scene where the bomb disposal teams removed the live grenade from the van.

He filmed the scenes on his iPhone and his footage, below, shows a member of the bomb disposal unit removing the grenade from the van with his bare hands.

The local said that he was in his house when the police came and cordoned off the street.

He added:

“The police told us to stay indoors but being a bit nosey I came outside. There was a hand grenade in a van just in front of my door, right outside my house.

“The man found it in a garage, he phoned his boss and told him what happened and was told to pull over and phone the bomb squad.”

Another local resident, Kelly McLuskey, said that she thought having a bomb on her street was really scary.

IMG_3189She added:

“To say I only live here and I’ve got a little girl, you think what are people playing at?

“There are kids about and it’s outside a school, it’s ridiculous.”

After hearing the bang from the controlled explosion, which took place on land near to Bio City and BBC Nottingham, nearby residents took to Twitter to share their views.

Bio City (@BioCity_Nottm) tweeted: “Those pesky bomb disposal experts, we all rushed to the window to see what was happening! Explosion was rather loud! #Nottingham.”

Peter Horspool (@petermikeman) tweeted: “Bomb squad called outside work! City Link in Nottingham was reopened. Not your typical day.”

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