Body image issues on the rise in the UK

mannequinsTen million UK  women say their looks make them “feel depressed”. One in Seven have considered plastic surgery due to societal pressures.

New research has revealed that 1 in 4  women say their looks make them “feel depressed” – equivalent 10.2 million women in the UK.

They say the main reasons is the pressure they feel from men and the fashion industry to have ‘the perfect body’.

Women report that ‘body anxiety’ prevents them from taking part in exercise leading to  many considering plastic surgery as an alternative.

This body consciousness has a knock on effect on their personal relationships and their achievements at work.

This information comes in the wake of the recent Twitter campaign against Meghan Trianor’s new song ‘All About That Bass’ which has been branded by feminists as ‘damaging’ for allegedly mocking skinny girls.

The controversial lyrics supposedly poke fun at naturally slim girls by branding them ‘Barbie dolls’ and saying that size 2 is not real unless photo-shopped.

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