Sneinton reacts to controlled explosion of discovered WW2 grenade

imageResidents in Sneinton have been speaking about their experience after a World War II grenade was discovered in a garage.

Locals were first made aware of the incident after hearing a loud bang.

The hand grenade was unearthed on Wednesday afternoon and police were immediately alerted to the explosive.

A bomb disposal unit arrived shortly after to complete the controlled explosion.


Bomb disposal unit in Sneinton

People in the area reported a resounding banging noise coming from behind the BBC buildings and BioCity on Pennyfoot Street.

This even led to a tweet from BioCity that said: “Those pesky Bomb disposal experts, we all rushed to the window to see what was happening! Explosion was rather loud! #Nottingham

Elsewhere, residents were equally alarmed, with user @sneak_666 tweeting: “Heard the explosion from Sneinton Hermitage way, wondered what it was!”

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