Earthquake shakes Nottinghamshire with 2.6 magnitude

Untitled-1Nottinghamshire has been shaken by the largest earthquake for 30 years in the county as dozens took to Twitter with reports of tremors and shaking buildings.

The earthquake struck at 7.16pm on Tuesday evening with a magnitude of 2.6 according to the British Geological Survey.

Its epicentre was between Papplewick and Linby and is the largest earthquake since one was recorded in East Retford in North Nottinghamshire in March 1984.

Tremors could be felt as far as six miles away from its epicentre, according to experts, and many said it felt as though their homes had been hit by something.

Nottingham residents flooded Twitter with their experiences of the earthquake.

Chris @nottmdude wrote: “Thought a plane or car crashed into the house myself. Seriously nearly ran out the house thinking it was going to fall down.”

Others in the area were less concerned with the tremors.

Sam Webster, Labour Councillor for Wollaton East, Lenton Abbey and University Park, Nottingham City, tweeted: “So that was an earth #tremor in #Nottingham #Quake- thought it was a squirrel in the loft!”

A seismologist at the British Geological Survey, David Galloway said smaller earthquakes of this kind are not that uncommon in the UK with 200 occurring every year.

He said: “We do get earthquakes just not on the scale like those in Japan or Indonesia or the USA.

“The earthquake in Nottingham didn’t cause any drastic damage but it was felt across a 15 kilometre radius from its epicentre in Hucknall and we have received over 300 reports on our website today.”

Another earthquake with a 1.7 magnitude was also reported in the Newark area on Sunday.

Watch these videos to hear from those who felt the earthquake in Hucknall last night:





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