Nottingham City Council’s christmas tree sale is a ‘kick in the teeth’

6Nottingham City Council’s decision to sell Christmas trees this year is a ‘kick in the teeth’ for local business’ says a family-run greengrocer in Beeston.


Nottingham city council is selling the trees described on their website as ‘top quality’ and are even offering a £5 off voucher to spend at either Wollaton park Christmas plant sale or The City Council Nursery Christmas sale when ordered before November 14.

The council says it is selling 200 of the trees from its nursery at Woodthorpe Grange Park in Sherwood to help deal with budget cuts.

The price of the trees range from £30 for a small tree to £65 for a large one.

Family-run Beeston greengrocers Fred Hallam Ltd is an establish business of over 100 years and Christmas trees are a big part of their seasonal sales.

Andy Hallam, company director said: “For the amount of money we are paying in rates and local businesses having been hit by the Beeston tram works its a kick in the teeth. ”

He said that the council is being unfair if they become competition for their business.

However Mr Hallam who runs the store with his brother Miles said that he supports the local area and people.

He said : “I would rather people buy from the local council so the money is reinvested into the area rather than buying Christmas trees from big chain stores.”

The council says that local business’ have nothing to worry about.

John Pell, horticultural operation manager said: “We are not just selling trees but a Christmas package of plants as part of our Wood Thorpe sales day.”

“This is the 2nd year we have done this and we had no issue last year from local business.”

“Our target is 200 trees some of which will be sold to council buildings who already buy Christmas trees such as schools, care homes and libraries so part of the market is already internalised and by doing this we ensure they get a better price.”

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