Nottingham University students fined over necrophilia chant

editiedNottingham University students filmed taking part in a chant about having sex with a corpse have reportedly been fined by the university.

The footage filmed by a first year student shows a mixed groups of students outside the Capital FM arena on September 28 during fresher’s week.

The group can be heard singing about digging up a woman and having sex with her corpse.

The explicit chant which was uploaded to YouTube on October 3 and has been branded sexist is a well known halls chant sung by Cavendish Halls an accommodation block on campus.

It has been reported by Impact, the university’s magazine, that the students involved have been fined £150 , although the university has not confirmed this.

A spokesperson for The University of Nottingham said: “The University does not comment on individual students but confirms that it has worked alongside the Student’s Union as part of an investigation into an incident outside the ‘Fresher’s Finale’ event held at the Capital FM Arena on Sunday 28 September.”

“Appropriate action has been taken in line with the University’s Code of Discipline for Students.”

Student union reps given the task of helping first year students settle in during their first week were said to be among the students punished.

The students will face a disciplinary hearing by the students’ union to establish whether they breached their code of conduct as all student reps signed a contract stating that they will not promote the singing of abusive, offensive, crude or intimidating chants and songs.

Harry Copson, SU president said: “The investigation has been followed and it’s been done fairly but we won’t know what will come of it until the disciplinary hearings.”

“It is a cultural issue rather than a one off incident we have to do a lot more to tackle this type of behaviour in university as it’s a culture problem.”

He added: “The union needs to make sure things like this do not happen again.”

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