What to do with children in Nottingham during school half term

ADHDIt is that time of year again! Half term has parents frantically looking for what to do with their children throughout Nottingham next week. Well then, fear not!

This comprehensive guide of all things Nottingham (for both children and adults) will make sure you aren’t pulling your hair out by the end of the week!

Keeping children happy is the main aim for parents and grandparents alike but sometimes money can stand in the way.

Sunshine Playgroup assistant Jane Evans knows a lot about helping parents with their children after her experiences with her three and four year old grandchildren.

“Keeping children occupied throughout their half term is crucial and Nottinghamshire has plenty of good places for such a task,” she said.

“Money can sometimes be a barrier though so farms like Whitepost or Stonebridge are always good to take the children to learn about animals and play out in the fields.”

Animals such as rabbits, guinea-pigs and parrots can be found at Stonebridge Farm for the little ones to enjoy throughout the week. Whilst Whitepost Farm has a Haunted Halloween Barn open everyday where children can be spooked and scared with a ghostly walk-through.


Parks and farms will keep children occupied for hours

If parks and farms aren’t your thing, Nottingham has a wide array of indoor play areas such as Kool Kids on Carlton Road, catering for children between 1-12 years old. Mouse Trap in Bulwell is another gem for taking your children to if they are happy in a ball pit for the majority of the day.

First though, at the start of the week, who doesn’t love a good fancy dress competition? Well that is what you can do if you enter to take part in the inaugural Robin Hood Day, happening in Nottingham Saturday.

The event gives children the chance to take part in a medieval sports day with events such as archery or jousting led by team captains Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Colourful characters will be springing up everywhere as the grounds of Nottingham Castle are transformed into a medieval encampment.




Committee member Tony Bates is not expecting much from the first ever event but is hoping to establish the date on the calendar for years to come.

“On a recent visit to Dublin I was amazed how much they make of the Molly Malone story, which certainly can’t be said of Robin in Nottingham,” he said.

“The inspiration behind International Robin Hood Day is to increase the focus on the legend throughout the world with Nottingham leading the way.”

After Robin Hood Day has kicked off half term week with a bang, the excitement just keeps on coming for children of all ages. Making It! Discover Centre has Halloween themed craft workshops and interactive galleries throughout the week.

Wollaton Hall is running workshops where children can make badges, wizard and witch hats as well as take part in a quiz trail around the grounds. Whilst Rushcliffe Country Park offers the chance for your ‘little horrors’ to build a den or face their fears with the Frightening Feely Buckets.

If that isn’t enough, Game City is in Nottingham through to Saturday. With the weekdays filled with workshops, games, talks and arcades, there are loads of activities for children and adults to enjoy together.

However, the big event comes at the end of the week on November 1. The centuries-old tradition of Nottinghamshire citizens competing in trials to test agility and guile returns in the Sheriff’s gauntlet.

From 3pm on the Saturday, competitors will complete their own set of unique instructions given by the Sheriff, before everyone reconvenes in the Market Square at 5pm to discover the winner.

“This event is open to everyone in Nottingham.”

There you have it! A comprehensive guide on what to do with your children throughout the hectic half term. Enjoy!

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