Multi million pound investment in MRI scanning centre at Nottingham University

NottsTV widerNottingham, the birthplace of MRI, is getting a major boost in its facilities with a 9 million pound investment in a new research centre.

The University of Nottingham has been given 7.7 million pounds by the government for state of the art MRI scanning equipment and another 1.67 million has been invested from the university for new buildings and facilities.

The centre will be named after Sir Peter Mansfield the Nobel-prize-winning past professor who invented the first MRI scanner at the University and will be called the Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre.

The centre director will be Professor of Physics and Astronomy Peter Morris who was a Ph.D. student of Sir Peter at the time the first MRI machine was invented.

He said: “Nottingham has considerable expertise and a long track record of success in the development of MRI. It also has strong research programmes in gastroenterology, liver disease, metabolism, exercise and sports medicine, orthopaedics, respiratory medicine, neurosciences and radiology. ”

“The new centre will combine these strengths to establish a world leading centre to drive the development and application of medical imaging.”

It is hoped the investment will ensure the university is at the forefront of MRI research for the next decade.

The new centre will also include a postgraduate student block and more patient-friendly facilities.

Professor Ian Hall, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, said:

“This award is a remarkable achievement for everyone involved. MRI has already revolutionised medical imaging but there is considerable potential for us to develop additional MR based imaging approaches which could play important roles in the management of many common diseases.”

He added: “The Government’s investment in Nottingham’s MRI research will ensure we remain at the forefront of developments in MRI and its applications. It will also establish the University as a lead institution.”


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