Game City offers chance to win a square metre of Nottingham

chloeVisitors to one of Nottingham’s biggest annual tourist attractions which starts on Saturday could walk away with a piece of land.

Organisers from Game City have teamed up with the Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Jackie Morris, to create a competition called The Sheriff’s Gauntlet.

The overall winner of the event will have a square metre of land dedicated to them forever in a special ceremony with the Sheriff.

The idea harks back to the centuries-old tradition when the citizens of Nottingham where challenged by the Sheriff to take part in mental and physical challenges to better themselves.

Councillor Morris  says:

We’re trying to promote our history in Nottingham and trying to get the youngsters to see that we come from a very historical tradition.

The event starts at 3pm on the Old Market Square on November 1 in the city centre where the Sheriff will address the players from the Council House balcony and start the trials.

From then on every player will set of to complete trials around the city based on their own skills and talents which may include a few players ending up on the pitch at a Saturday football fixture.

Book your place as soon as possible as their are limited spaces available.

The deadline for registration is Monday October 27.

For more information and to register for the event click here.

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