Child burn injuries tackled by Nottingham University Hospitals

Burns-UnitA thousand people have already been admitted to a burns unit in Nottinghamshire this year and nurses have been in Bulwell to tackle the problem.

A Burns Prevention Day, the first of its kind, was held on Wednesday as part of a national scheme led by the British Burn Association.

So far this year, Nottingham Children’s Hospital has treated 69 children scalded by hot drinks, 30 from hair straighteners and seven with friction burns from vacuums and treadmills.

Awareness of the dangers of household items was high on the agenda for burns nurse specialist Kirsty Johnson.

“We saw over 400 children last year.”

A team from St John Ambulance also took part, spending the time teaching people how to react in the event of an accident.

“We are here today to make people aware of what to do if someone suffers a burn.”

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