Nottingham reacts to new powers clamping down on stag party dressing up

clubThe people of Nottingham have given their views on proposals to ban ‘inappropriate dress’ on stag and hen weekends in a popular British tourist destination.

The seaside town of Blackpool is wanting to use new anti-lout powers to ban ‘inappropriate dress’ on stag and hen weekends.

Local councils were given the new powers last month which allows them to outlaw any activity which may have a ‘detrimental effect’ on the quality of local life.

Known as public spaces protection orders, the new legislation has been put in place to clamp down on anti-social behaviour such as spitting and aggressive begging.

The rules can also cover wider issues such as nuisance parking and are so broad that they could also be used to ban ‘inappropriate dress’ on stag and hen weekends.

When asked whether or not they think these rules should be put in place in Nottingham, residents views were mixed. Here is what they said:


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