Nottingham ‘ghost bike’ to be replaced by permanent memorial to cyclist

Ghost-bikeA ‘ghost bike’ which was left at the site of a fatal cycling accident in the city centre has been removed by Nottingham City Council.

Louise Wright, of Mapperley, died after her bicycle was in a collision with a lorry in July.

Shortly after, a white painted ‘ghost bike’ was left anonymously by the scene of the accident, on the corner of Lower Parliament Street and Pennyfoot Street, in memorial to the 29-year-old.

The white bike along with flowers was tied to a lamppost as a sign of remembrance, but the council have taken it away amid fears it could distract drivers and obstruct pedestrians.

Now the city council has revealed plans to replace the bicycle with a lasting memorial – after consultation with the victim’s relatives and partner.

Leaving a white bike at the scene of a fatal crash is a trend that started in America, but has now become a growing phenomenon in the UK.

The bike will be kept by the council for one month – during which the person who left it there can collect it.

Plans are now underway to place a lasting memorial to Louise close to the site.

Below is a notice attached to the lamppost where the bike once was:

Ghost bike sign

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