Road users across Nottinghamshire warned to ‘be safe and be seen’ as clocks go back

Pendragon new car sales rise 15.6%The clocks go back an hour on Sunday (October 26) and the county council is warning road users across the county to ‘be safe and be seen’.

Nottinghamshire County Council says  pedestrians, cyclists and motorists should make themselves visible during the darker winter nights.

British Summer Time comes to an end at 2am on Sunday, October 26 and the clocks will go back an hour, meaning it will get darker earlier.

Councillor Kevin Greaves, chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council’s transport and highways committee, said that whether you’re a pedestrian, rider or driver, everyone can all play our part in helping to make sure Nottinghamshire’s roads are a safe place to be during the dark winter months.

He added:

“With the evenings drawing in and the clocks going back, children find themselves travelling to and from school in poor light”

“Drivers have many things to concentrate on and unless children are very visible, they can easily merge into the background.

“Motorists should also ensure they can be seen by other road users and should put their lights on whenever the light is dim, or in bad weather.”

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