Nottingham taxi driver jailed over sex attack

Gurpal_SinghA taxi driver who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl and was also involved in multiple thefts from his passengers has been jailed for seven years and nine months.

Gurpal Singh, of Prestwood Drive in Aspley, pleaded guilty to sexual assault in connection to an attack which took place on Friday 1 November 2013.

Singh, 34, harassed the teenage victim when she chose to get a taxi home alone after becoming separated from her friends on a night out.

The self-employed taxi driver then drove the teenager to an isolated country road and assaulted her in the vehicle.

The 17-year-old raised the alarm the following day when realising her phone and bank card had gone missing – and that £250 had been withdrawn from her account.

A police investigation found CCTV footage of the girl getting in Singh’s taxi and the cab driver was arrested after DNA evidence was found against him.

He received seven years of jail time for the attack.

Singh was also convicted for further crimes when it transpired that he had passed on several stolen credit cards to another man.

Singh pleaded guilty to the theft from the 17-year-old and the thefts of phones and credit cards from seven other passengers.

A further nine months was added to his seven year  jail term.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Alice Dingwall said:

“Singh took advantage of his passengers, who were often under the influence of alcohol. It was bad enough that he stole phones and hundreds of pounds from them in inflated fares and subsequent withdrawals on their stolen cards, but most shockingly took advantage of a teenage girl in the very worst way.

“I just hope she can go on to enjoy a bright future knowing her attacker is behind bars.

“Singh now has years in prison to reflect on his actions and, meanwhile, Nottinghamshire is a safer place for it.”

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