Nottinghamshire students break land speed record with 500mph car

InsanityStudents at Joseph Whittaker School in Nottinghamshire have broken the land speed record for a rocket-powered car.

Their car, named Insanity, beat the previous record of 287mph set in March by reaching speeds of up to 533mph at their testing track in Hucknall.

The achievement has been praised by the Rolls Royce and NASA. It’s hoped the record will be officially verified by Guinness this week.

The Young Engineers Club, set up by technology teacher Phil Worsley six years ago, houses students across all years giving them the expertise they need.

And year 12 student Elliot Widgry was keen to explain the different components that work together to make the cars as quick as they are.

“All the cars here are made from carbon fibre, with the world record car ‘Insanity’ proving it has much higher power than the rest of the cars,” Widgry, 16, said.

“The wings, tested in our machines, help to keep the car sturdy when it is travelling at the speeds we need it to.”

The club has come a long way since its inception with year 13 student Kristyn Hudson, there from the start, best placed to chart the path to world record holders.

“We started off by building a green powered car to enter in regional races and now we are world record holders,” Hudson said.

“It has been amazing and we have progressed massively since we began as I never thought we would be achieving something like this.”

The students won’t be taking their foot off the pedal yet though, with the school out to break the sound barrier (760mph) by using the systems they have in place.

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