More rabbits abandoned than any other pet in Nottinghamshire

Rabbit-thumbnail-finalRabbits are abandoned more than any other animal at Brinsley Animal Rescue in Nottinghamshire because of how hard they are to care for.

Across the UK 30,000 rabbits, the third most popular pet to buy in the UK, need rehoming which is putting a strain on charities like Brinsley Animal Rescue.

Co-founder of the charity Beth Hewis said:

“On Sunday we had ten rabbits handed into us and we only managed to re-home two of them”.

She says that every rabbit that comes into them has to be neutered and vaccinated which costs over £100 per rabbit.

“People tend to buy rabbits in the summer on a whim.”

“When it gets to winter when it’s cold and wet people are less inclined to go down to the end of the garden and feed the animals.”

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