Traffic chaos as no end in sight for Beeston tram works

pipesTram works in Beeston that should have been finished by the summer are still on-going causing traffic build ups that are damaging local businesses.

Tram operators NET originally said that work in the town would be over by the summer but there is still no finish date.

James Luke, who owns an engineering firm in the centre of the town said that he is losing money because of the tram works.

Employees at his firm regularly commute to and from Beeston to pick up material for jobs in and around the city and the added journey time is putting a strain on his business.

He says: “I can’t expect my customers to pay more because of that.”

Nottingham City Council has said:

“We recognise the traffic delays in the Beeston area due to tram works are frustrating. We are pleased the works are now reaching completion and over the next few weeks the various traffic restrictions will start to be removed”.


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