Student rushed to hospital after suffering fractured skull in balcony fall

Rock-CityRock City had to close its main room last night after a 19-year-old man fell from the balcony, sustaining a fractured skull during the student night at the venue.

The incident occurred around 12:40am during the University of Nottingham’s official club night Crisis, with ambulance and police on the site within four minutes of being called.

The individual is said to have been conscious whilst being treated and he was rushed to Queens Medical Centre for emergency care.

The venue were quick to release a statement following the incident.

“We would like to apologise to our customers that we unfortunately needed to close the main room due to a customer falling from the Balcony. Given the nature of the incident it was entirely necessary,” a statement read.

“Having reviewed the CCTV footage it appears the individual involved fell by their own accord.”

“We would like to thank our customers who were respectful of all our staff, venue staff, police and ambulance crew. When asked to move back away from the area you pretty much all responded orderly and sensibly and we are grateful for that.”

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