Memorial for child migrants rededicated

PlaqueChild migrants who were shipped across the world from Britain have been remembered with the rededication of a memorial in Nottingham.

Around 4300 children were sent to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) after World War Two.

A number of them were regularly physically and mentally abused and were intentionally blocked from contacting their families in Britain.

Former child migrants were invited to a ceremony which took place on Tuesday by River Trent to replace a memorial plaque taken down in 2009.

Those shipped away were rarely given welfare checks and were labelled as orphans.

The families of these children were also often lied to and told that their offspring had been sent to homes in Britain.

Margaret Humphreys, a Nottinghamshire County Council social worker in the 1980s, uncovered the injustice during her tenure.

She then went on to create the Child Migrants Trust, which sought to identify the children who were sent away in order to reunite them with their families.

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