University of Nottingham research unveils ground breaking pain killer

Courtesy of  J. TrohaResearchers at the University of Nottingham have discovered a brand new painkiller which could target pain in a completely different way.

Discovered in the same city as ibuprofen, the new drug is said to be able to treat those with chronic pain conditions and ease pain in cancer patients having chemotherapy.

Although the drug will not be available to the public for some time, scientists believe it could even offer relief for those suffering from traumatic nerve injuries and open wounds, conditions which are covered by few painkillers on the market.

Leading the innovative work is Dr Lucy Donaldson, who has been working on the drug’s development for over five years.

“This is a brand new approach, a new technique,” she said.

“The most simple way to explain it is that the drug hijacks the body’s own way of making chemicals and doesn’t make the chemical that causes pain.”

The new drug will be able to repair damaged tissue through injuries where the growth of blood vessels is abnormal by controlling the speed of the growth.

Pharmacies won’t have the painkiller on their shelves for another few years until safety tests take place, but researchers at the university are confident it will fill a void in the market.

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