Nottinghamshire County Council set to tackle residents concerns over Retford parking

Parking TicketPlans for 67 new car parking spaces at the Retford Leisure Centre are to be considered by Nottinghamshire County Councillors later this month.

The proposals come after local residents raised concerns that part of the former 13 acre Oldsall Comprehensive school site, between West Carr road and Ordsall Road, has been used as an unauthorised overspill car park by visitors to the leisure centre.

If approved, the plans would see a new car parking area created at the back of the Retford Leisure Centre and Post 16 area, subject to planning permission being granted by Bassetlaw District Council at a later date.

Councillors will discuss the proposals at the forthcoming Nottinghamshire County Council Finance and Property meeting and the authority hope that a new parking area could solve the traffic congestion.

Councillor David Kirkham, Chair of the Finance and Property committee said: ”I’m pleased that through constructive negotiations we’ve been able to create a solution to tackle the car parking problems that people are concerned about.

“Parking on the former school site was unauthorised and was always going to be a temporary arrangement. By reaching this agreement, I’m confident a more permanent solution to car parking at the site can be created that satisfies everyone involved.”

The report will be considered by County Councillors at the 13 October Finance and Property Committee meeting.

“By selling the former school site, we’ve been able to raise valuable funds to be reinvested in major projects such as the new Worksop Bus Station, school buildings and roads.

“Whenever we can, the County Council works hard to listen to the views and concerns of local people.”

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