First Case of Lethal Ash Dieback Disease Confirmed in Nottinghamshire Trees

Hickings Lane Park has a host of outdoor recreational facilitiesInspectors have this week identified the first case of lethal disease in trees in the Nottinghamshire area which could lead to thousands being chopped down if left untreated.

The disease known as Ash Dieback disease was found in trees along the A612 Colwick Loop Road meaning up to 3,000 of the trees along that route will be cut down.

Nottinghamshire County Council are being asked to release reserve funds of £500,000 that were put aside last year to deal with the outbreak of the disease.

The Ash Dieback fungus, which is widespread throughout Europe, causes leaf loss and can result in the death of the tree.

The funds were set aside to deal with not only the consequences of Ash Dieback but also a backlog of maintenance work on trees along the roadside.

Recent cutbacks within the County Council have meant only the most basic safety work has been able to be carried out, despite already spending £465,000 a year on maintaining trees.

Council budget constraints, rising costs and increasing rates of tree growth has also meant routine maintenance work has been stopped, resulting in overgrown trees that are blocking road signs and reaching pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists.

The County Council’s Transport and Highway Committee will be asked to approve the release of the £500,000 when it meets on October 9.

A fraction of the £500,000 would also be used for maintenance work on trees along the A38 Sutton in Ashfield bypass and the A611 through Annesley Forest if the plan is approved.

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