Nottinghamshire residents asked how they want to save £77 million

Summery-Test--Picture.jpg-1Nottinghamshire County Council is asking the county’s residents how it should do things differently to save £77 million over the next three years.

The authority is set to launch a ‘Doing Things Differently’ budget consultation next week which will look at some potential new approaches to addressing their budget shortfall.

Reductions in central Government funding have left council chiefs with the task of slashing £77 million from their budget in the next three years and residents are now being asked to have their say on the approach the council should take to cutting its funding.

Councillor Alan Rhodes, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said that they want to see as many people as possible taking part in the consultation when it goes live on Saturday, October 8.

Residents who would like to have their say can do so by filling in a comment card available from local libraries, by calling the Customer Service Centre on 0300 500 80 80 and by going online at

He added: “The need to find £77m means that we have to look at doing things differently if we are going to preserve as many of the vital services for the elderly and vulnerable as possible.

“Government funding has reduced by £43m over the past three years while at the same time demand for many of our services continues to rise. In addition, there are further demands being placed on us due to new legislation such as the Care Act.”

The ‘Doing Things Differently’ consultation asks people to have their say on the approach the County Council should take to its £77m budget shortfall. The options include:

• delivering services indirectly through not-for-profit organisations
• helping people to stay independent and out of social care where possible
• using cash reserves in the short-term rather than cutting services to allow longer term change
• delivering more services online so that residents can do things themselves where appropriate.
• getting other organisations to deliver services on the Council’s behalf.

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