Nottinghamshire Police Issue a Student Survival Guide

nottingham-trent-university-feature-image-1Nottinghamshire Police have compiled a survival guide to ensure students keep safe and have an enjoyable time at university.


Using the tagline “while students are away, burglars are at play,” the guide issues a range of suggestions for securing property like bicycles, cars and gadgets such as mobile phones, televisions and laptops.

The checklist features a number of key safety measures and reminds people to take out contents insurance before moving into their new accommodation.

Students are encouraged to look after their cash by keeping it secure in a bank or building society account, instead of leaving money lying about and facing the risk of burglary.

It is also recommended that valuables are marked with products such as SmartWater or SelectaDNA.

The survival guide adds: “Never share access codes to your house/flat/halls with non-residents and don’t let anyone in without checking their identity first.”

Students can also keep their university work safe by backing up their data to an online cloud service, external hard drive or memory stick.

The guide includes plenty of advice for keeping safe on a night out and offers valuable help regarding drinking and drugs.

A list of emergency contacts should be at hand as well as phone numbers of recommended taxi firms from the university.

For more detailed advice please visit where the guide can be viewed in full.

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