Community action in Stapleford to tackle anti-social behaviour

asboStapleford has been chosen to launch a county wide scheme to tackle anti-social behaviour and also improve safety.


Residents of Stapleford have raised concerns about anti-social behaviour (ASB) with Nottinghamshire Police, local community groups and Nottinghamshire County Council. The organisations have joined together to tackle issues and improve safety.
The Report Antisocial Behaviour  is run by the police.

Hickings Lane Park has a host of outdoor recreational facilities

Hickings Lane Park has a host of outdoor recreational facilities

The need for improvement has arisen from vandalism at the Hickings Lane Park; last summer the pavilion was damaged.  Historically,  the park has been a target for ASB with littering, groups of young people drinking and intimidating other park users.

The campaign will focus on key issues around safety in the community from dog fouling, crime prevention, to bike servicing as well as activities and giveaways.

Police Community Safety Officer,  Alistair Butterfield said: “Perceptions of anti-social behaviour and its impact can vary greatly. One person who fails to clean up after their dog, or a group of young people playing loud music, might not view their actions as causing offence but to other park users this is extremely anti-social.”

Local people were invited to share their thoughts and meet members of their local protection services at the launch of the campaign.


The campaign carries the message ‘working together to help improve and put pride back in your local park.’ It focuses on safety in the community such as crime prevention.  Other key issues have been brought to the council’s attention and local police offcers  through surveys and meetings.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Paddy Tipping, said: “We really need to get to grips with anti-social behaviour in its many different manifestations, and reducing the number of incidents remains one of my key objectives.”

“We also need to make it easier for the public to report it, which is why we are doing everything we can to protect local policing teams despite our shrinking funding. Then we need to work effectively and quickly with local authorities and other partners to develop appropriate solutions don’t just displace the problem, but address the root causes.”


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