Nottingham lad in Quidditch world cup squad

6120013A student from University of Nottingham has been picked to play for team GB in the Quidditch World Cup in Canada later this year.

Craig Midwinter,  a Zoology student  from the University of Nottingham soared to victory to be selected for the national team, meaning he will play in Canada alongside 42 other GB team members.

The 20-year-old first tried his hand at the sport during an excursion to Keele University, where he realised that he had real talent and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Craig said:“I really like the aspect of three different games at once, the chasers are trying to get the quaffle through the hoop, the beaters are trying to get the chasers beat out without getting their bludger taken off them and the seeker is trying to catch the snitch.


The game has become highly popular in recent years and has a number of international teams all around the world.

Craig said that the game “lots of concentration” and is very “thought-provoking”.

The student is currently listed as one of the reserves, which means that if one of the 21 players is injured or has to pull out for any reason, Craig will step in to represent the country.

The World Cup of the sport will take place in July and see a number of countries representing for the title of World Champion.

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