New tram ticket machines cause confusion around Nottingham

Tram-ticks.jpg-FOR-WEBConductors will no longer be selling tickets on board Nottingham Trams as of today as part of new ticketing arrangements, a change which has angered some users.

Ticket vending machines have been installed at all tram stops in the City, and officially went live at the end of last month.

Commuters are now expected to purchase tickets for the tram before they get on board and anyone caught on the tram without a ticket may be forced to pay a £50 fine.

Staff from Nottingham Trams have been on hand at the tram stops since the machines went live to assist people in buying their tickets, but some users are not happy with the new system.

Sarah, 30 from Nottingham said that she definitely prefers buying her tickets from the conductor on the tram.

She added: “They are a bit of an inconvenience really, I wouldn’t even have known about the new ticket machines cause there is not proper signage for them.

“A lady told me about the machines, if it hadn’t been for her I would have been chucked off the tram.”

Alex, 38 from Nottingham said it is a shame to see the conductors go from on board the trams.

He added: “It’s a good idea in principal, but I’ve had a lot of teething problems with the machines.

“The one I tried to use first didn’t work, so I had to go across the road to a different one , the transition has been a bit hit and miss.”

Despite criticism from tram users, NET claim to be delighted with the transition so far.
Paul Robinson, NET General Manager said that the change has been widely accepted by their customers.

He added: “Well over 90 percent of people are either using the ticket machines or validators where they possess season tickets, concessionary passes or Mango tickets.

“While the new system has been bedding in, conductors have been selling tickets to the small number of customers who were unaware of the change.

“Overall we have are delighted with the way things have gone and that so many of our customers have adapted so smoothly.”

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