New tram service causes safety fears

tram-for-webTram users in Nottingham will have to buy their tickets before they board today, but many users are worried that removing conductors will put their safety at risk.

The introduction of a new ticketing system on the city’s tram network has left residents feeling uncertain about their safety.

The new service, which starts today, will see the abolishment of the presence of conductors on trams, with just a driver operating it.

Users will also have to purchase their ticket before boarding the tram, unlike the previous system where tickets could be bought from a conductor whilst on board. Anyone unable to produce a ticket whilst on board a tram will face a £50 penalty fine.
CBJ took to the streets to find out what the people of Nottingham really think about these changes to the tram system.

Some were concerned that the absence of a conductor could spark feelings of unease amongst passengers.

Retired 65 year old Carol Ahern, said: “I just think if there is an accident or anyone takes ill there is no one there. Anything could happen, what if people got on with knives or guns, you just don’t know. ”

Similarly, 43 year old Paul Walker said: “Conductors should have stayed on the trams, they just oversaw everything that went on and now I feel them going could invite crime.”
However, others were not fazed by the changes with CCTV still operating on board the trams ensuring a reasonable level of security.

Retired couple, Mick and Janet Dickings, 68 and 66, said: “I don’t think it really matters if there are conductors , they aren’t any on buses so I don’t see why trams would be any different.”
As the new system slowly takes over, some people were left a little bemused over the changes.

24 year old Hazel Backfy who was asked to vacate a tram for failure to produce a ticket said: “It seems silly, what if people do not remember to buy a ticket? It’s just another way of getting money. It’s a little annoying that I had to get off, I’m just glad they didn’t slap a fine on me”

However the majority did agree that the new way of purchasing tickets was easy and efficient.


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