Pay as you go cars in Nottingham

traffic_jpg_Thumbnail1Nottingham is becoming one of the cities to offer a pay as you go ‘hassle free and cost effective’ car hire system.


Cars will be parked in bays across the city centre and users will be able to hire vehicles for as little as an hour or as long as they need.


City Car Hire

Operated by City Car Club, the scheme is supported by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and the Workplace Parking Levy. Nottingham City Council says,

“The purpose of this scheme is to reduce the reliance on ownership of cars in Nottingham whether for personal or business trips.”



The Council adds, “This in turn will not only lower car costs for individuals and organisations but also reduce carbon emissions, parking issues and congestion within the city centre.”

Nottingham Car Club

Nottingham Car Club Information Point

Nottingham car club members will be able to book the cars through phone or online at almost anytime.


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